Friday, June 1, 2012

6/1/12  11:30 M  Blog Post 2

      I know I posted a post already not too long ago. But, this needs to come out. I cut my hair today. It came out pretty groovy. Some people I showed it to like Jodie, my aunt, and my sister Cambria said it came out pretty good. So, with that said I was happy with it. The challenge was what would mom think? See, I cut my hair when she and dad left to tend the community garden. Mom and dad finally came home. It didn't take mom long to realize I cut my hair. Now before I go on, I'd like to say I cut my hair emo style, bangs, choppy layers (though even choppy layers) and all. Mom pitched a fit. She thinks I did a horrid job. Though in here defense, she is used to seeing completely straight, perfect even layered hair. She isn't used to this look. I warned her months ago I was wanting my hair cut like it. She specifically told me well when you get money you can cut your hair cause I'm paying for you to go to art school. Well tonight she said I would've went and gotten it done for you! Now I have to take you in to fix it. Should I? Well not with her money. I probably will to get her to hush about it but I'll do it with what I have been saving. I have ninety-one dollars  saved for classes but I refuse to use her money to fix it. It's either mine or it doesn't get "fixed" at all. I wish she would understand this is how it's supposed to be. I know it must sound ridiculous for whining about this but I never felt comfortable how I looked before. Now, I feel complete. Think of it life this. Your an obese person wearing a really ugly two piece bathing suit. No offense to the over weight people, I'm just trying to make a point. Okay,  I feel like that. I'm not in any way comfortable. Now when that obese person fits into something more comfortable and suitable for them like a tankini or a one piece or even shirt and shorts, they feel better. Thats me. Looking like an an emo is who  am. I feel comfortable how I look regardless what everyone thinks. Don't like it, well tough shite (yes, shite. Shite is the english- meaning british english type- for the english-american type english- for shit. Same thing but sounds better).  Oh, for those who don't know, emo is short for emotional.

  Well. I feel loads better (NOT).I'm going to bed now. Tomorrow I have work with...mother. I am so not looking forward to that at all! All I'm going to hear about is my hair. UGH. I'll probably put it in a pony tail so she can hush up about it. My life. Good night.

     Very Irritated Blogger,

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