Monday, June 4, 2012

6/4/12  6:10 pm Blog Post 6

       Today is eck. I don't feel well today. Horrible headache . I took two pills for it and it isn't helping, I feel weak.. Every time I get up or pick something up I shake a little. I think I have a slight fever. I feel pretty warm.

  I was supposed to have class this week. Unfortunately due to financial reasons, I had to cancel. At least I have Opals in two weeks from my scholarship.

  I feel so empty today. Maybe it's because I'm sick. Maybe not.

Mom and dad went to Wal Mart to get groceries. So I'm here with my brother along waiting for the Twilight Saga New Moon to come on since there isn't anything else on to watch.

  My birthday is in a couple week.s We usually do the movie dinner or something to that extent. I wanna see the movie Abraham Lincoln The Vampire Slayer that comes out on my birthday, but my brother isn't fond of movies like that and I don't wanna deal with that on my birthday. So, I have no idea what I am going to do. There isn't really anything here. Might go to the rib house for my birthday dinner. I'm craving ribs. Or maybe a Chinese restaurant. Guess I'll know when the time gets closer.

Well, I'm done for now. The computer screen is hurting my eyes and making my headache worse.


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