Saturday, June 2, 2012

6/2/12  10:58 pm  Blog Post 4
  Well. The landlord came by and cleared out the basement of his stuff for the most  part. After that we all went to eat at a pizza place.

   I feel a little better today. Now a big change. Daniel seems to be making it a bit better. He text me for a little bit today. I still feel alone here. Yeah one more person to talk to but that just reminds me on how great my "real" friends are.  I really have three true friends. Cambria, my best friend and sister since second grade, Curtis, my best friend and brother since fifth grade, and Jodie. My best friend and sister since a few years! <3

    Jodie is great. I would text her everyday 24/7 but she is limited on texts and I don't want to waste her texts.  I worry about her though. I love her dearly  and the last thing I want for her is to feel she is completely alone and doesn't have anyone in this world for here. Well chika, since I know your reading this, you have me.We seem to be feeling something similar and I just want to let you know when you feel like you have no friends and you feel abandoned, I'm   here.If you lived like not far from me I would come see ya everyday and give you a hug and tell you everything is okay. Your my friend and I care about you. Next time you feel this way, tell me, and I will try my damn hardest to get on and we'll listen to sappy depression music together and dance in our chairs like computer geeks  and laugh to make everything better. You have at the very least weird ol me as  your friend....and sister *cough* :D I love you girl. Don't  forget that.




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