Saturday, June 9, 2012

6/9/12  9:25 pm  Blog Post 11

  Sorry for not posting. Well, today was work. Not looking forward to work tomorrow. I got asked out today by Daniel. He wanted to take me to the scottish festival tomorrow. I tried to get mom to let me go but she decided to work with me and have dad stay at home and work on the backyard.....typical. It's not that I have a  "date" honestly, if I went, I would have paid for my own ticket in cause i'm just  that person, I just want away from the family for a bit.

ON a good note! Next spring, momma is sending me to SCAD!! Savanna College of Art and Design!!!! I can not wait! I'll get to live on campus as well! AHH! So excited! Though on a funny note, i'm so tempted to say SCAB...if it were Savanna College of Art and Beauty. Hahaha how funny would that be?? "Hi, I go to SCAB!" Haaaa.



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